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Windows, Impact, Replacement - Hurricane Storm

New, custom, replacement, hurricane, storm and impact windows for a house, condominiums and commercial like, color variations, single hung, horizontal rollers, sliding window, casement and picture windows. We also specialize in eyebrows, arches, half, quarter and custom made windows.

It seems that after Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida with its powerful winds that caused severe damage to thousands of homes and businesses, the building departments got together and decided to implement stronger building codes for the construction of homes, condominiums and commercial buildings. Chances are those that live in areas that are prone to being hit by a hurricane are likely to have had changes made to their building codes.

Construction of buildings changed throughout the whole process like, reinforcing the walls with more poured concrete and thicker rebar, strapping of the roof trusses, impact windows, sliding glass doors, entry doors and garage doors or the option of using storm shutters. Impact windows are especially made to withstand the impact of flying debris such as roof tiles from other houses and other material that the wind broke loose or wasn’t securely fastened.

The framework of these impact windows which go by other names such as, storm or hurricane resistant are stronger that your average window. It has been beefed up to hold up against the positive and negative pressures of a hurricane. In a hurricane, the wind can beat up against a window hundreds of times causing the framework to flex back and forth. This is why the framework has to be sturdy enough to hold up to wind pressures along with resisting the impact of flying debris.

The framework will usually have a stronger glazing system to insure that the impact glass doesn’t work itself loose from the wind and be blown out or knocked out from an impact. The pane itself is mainly made up of two pieces of glass that range in thicknesses like, 1/8″, 3/16″ and 1/4″. These two pieces of glass are bonded to a plastic liner that helps to keep the glass in tact after an impact. This liner will most of the time hold up to an impact thus keeping the wind and rain from doing severe damage to a home or building. They also serve as a burglar deterrent as well.

Never stand in front of the window during a storm thinking that you are safe. Even though they are impact resistant, once an object hits the window pane the glass is going to shatter and shards of glass could easily be flying right at you. These impact products can keep your home or business safe from a hurricane. So, if you have non-impact windows and you live in an area that is prone to severe storms and hurricanes, you may want to consider changing them to impact windows.


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