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WinGuard Aluminum Sliding Glass Door


  • What are impact windows and doors?
    Impact windows/doors, also know as hurricane windows/doors, are designed and made to protect your family and your home from extreme weather, high winds, outside noises, and much more. They’re engineered with laminated glass and held in place by layers of durable material that stays intact after impact, protecting against extreme wind and flying debris. Even when the glass is damaged, impact resistant windows remain secured in their frames.
  • Are impact windows and hurricane windows the same?
    Yes, impact windows are sometimes referred to as hurricane windows, hurricane impact windows, or hurricane resistant windows. The same applies to impact doors.
  • How do impact windows and doors help minimize sound disturbances?
    Impact windows and doors absorb sound rather than transmit it, reducing everyday noises, like thunder, lawnmowers, airplanes, barking dogs, and traffic. Although impact windows aren’t considered soundproof windows, they can help make your home significantly quieter. Hear the difference on the PGT Industries Better Sound Protection - PGT Impact Resistant Hurricane Windows and Doors (
  • What makes windows and/or doors energy efficient?
    Several elements, including how the frame and sashes are engineered, the type of impact glass used, the quality of weather stripping, and type of low emission coating on the impact glass. Non-Impact windows are not energy efficient because they provide little insulation. However, you can lower your utility bill by installing impact-resistant products. The laminated impact-resistant windows and doors are built using a PVB interlayer sealed between two layers of glass. PVB is a chemical resin that adheres to the two glasses for strong binding and insulation.
  • Do replacement of windows and doors pay for themselves over time?
    Yes, replacement windows for residential use do pay for themselves. The amount of savings varies from home to home, but impact windows and doors are energy efficient and will lower a home’s energy consumption so, over time, your energy and maintenance savings will match your investment.
  • How do I clean and maintain my windows and doors?
    Our windows and doors are designed to be low maintenance. In most environments, a quick yearly cleaning and occasional care will keep your products looking and functioning like new. Visit PGT industries Care & Maintenance page to helpful tips to clean and preserve your windows and doors for enduring style and protection. Care & Maintenance (
  • Can I replace the existing glass on my windows and doors with impact glass for the same level of protection?
    No. An impact window / door consists of a strong frame, impact glass, a secure method of attaching the glass to the frame, and a proven process of attaching the frame to the structure. While the glass may be able to resist the impact, your current window frame will not be able to hold the glass properly in place.
  • Why should I choose impact products over shutters?
    When you are evaluating hurricane protection options such as impact windows versus shutters, there are several factors you should consider: Do you live in the home year-round? If not, who will put up the shutters when you are not there? Leaving the shutters up while you are gone invites potential burglars. Are you physically capable of installing the shutters by yourself? Are you likely to put the shutters up if a storm comes? Do you like the look of roll-down or accordion shutters mounted to the exterior of your house? Is energy efficiency important to you? Shutter systems do not provide you with energy savings like impact resistant windows and doors. How important is home security to you? Unlike shutters, impact resistant windows and doors provide 24/7 protection against potential intruders. With impact windows and doors, you will enjoy a significant reduction in outside noise, and 99% of ultraviolet rays will be eliminated. What about safety? Oftentimes shutters remain installed after a hurricane, blocking egress in the event of a fire. Also, during a hurricane, closed shutters block outside light and visibility. Consider what happens if a shutter fails. If glass behind the shutter breaks, the house “envelope” is breached, possibly resulting in a catastrophic building failure.
  • What is the difference between an SMI and LMI?
    What is the difference between an SMI and LMI? A small missile impact glass (SMI) usually has a thinner interlayer compared to a large missile impact glass (LMI). This difference is due to the different types of conditions they are exposed to. The small missile impact glass/system will be used in higher locations of a building (4th floor and above usually) because it needs to resist high velocity winds. For SMI glass products it's common to work with gasket. Large missile impact glass/systems are located on the first floors (3rd floor or below usually) were a heavy impact is more likely to happen. Therefore, the interlayer gap must be stronger. Usually the LMI glass will be sealed with structural silicone.
  • Where can I find information on NOAs or Florida Product Approvals?
    Please find below the websites for each certification: · NOA · FBC
  • What are the differences between aluminum and vinyl frames?
    Aluminum products provide strength and protection with a contemporary style for both new construction and replacement window projects. Our aluminum frames are mechanically fastened at the corners for added strength and use corrosion resistant hardware for enhanced durability. Our aluminum frames are common in southern Florida and are built to withstand the strongest storms to keep your family safe. Vinyl products deliver a clean look that requires little to no maintenance. Because vinyl is resistant to environmental factors without sacrificing strength, you can be confident that your windows and doors will provide long-lasting protection from severe storms, potential intruders, or other outside dangers. Vinyl is also resistant to salt corrosion, so it’s ideal in coastal areas. Vinyl windows can also deliver significant energy savings due to their insulating qualities. We are pleased to offer many ENERGY STAR rated window and door configurations.
  • Can Existing shower glass be modified to accept different shower hardware or to change the overall design of the shower?
    No. All shower glass has to be tempered glass by code. Any attempts to add any new fabrications to tempered glass will result in it exploding. If there needs to be a change in the type of hardware or design of the shower, a new piece of glass for the shower would have to be ordered.
  • Can an old mirror be cut down to a new size?
    Technically yes, however, removing the old mirror in one piece might not be possible. Also, The cost of removing an old mirror and having it cut to a new size can be close to the same cost as a new mirror(depending on size).
  • How do I clean glass that has an application of glass protection?
    The proper way to clean glass that has a coating for glass protection is with water and a squeegee. Using chemical cleaners will remove the glass protection.
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